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Since starting our journey in 2018, our core values ​​have remained unchanged:

1. Top quality
We are committed to providing customers with the highest-quality software products. Every line of code, feature, and solution is thoroughly tested to ensure stability and performance.
2. Responsibility and reputation
Our reputation is built on customer trust. We consistently fulfill our commitments and constantly improve to meet and exceed customer expectations.
3. Innovation and creativity
We encourage innovation and creativity in all aspects of work. We are always looking for new and more effective ways to solve problems and bring optimal value to customers.
4. Respect and cooperation
We respect our customers, partners, and employees. Collaboration and teamwork are the foundation that helps us achieve great success. We listen and respond to our customers' needs with dedication and professionalism.
5. Sustainable development
We aim for sustainable development, not only in products and services but also in business activities. We focus on social responsibility and environmental protection, contributing to building a brighter future.

Hitek Software

Our highlights

Thanks to the trust of Clients, we have achieved

Leading with Creativity and in-depth knowledge, we always put quality first, affirming prestige and reliability on every project

Case studies

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Our Achievements

Constantly striving, constantly changing to become more perfect day by day is always our motto. Hitek Software always strives to prove its competence through prestigious achievements and certifications that are capable all over the world.


Our Clients come from all over the world including USA, Canada, Korea, Germany, Vietnam, Japan, Australia. Hitek is proud to devote all ours efforts to focusing on improving the quality of products instead of just improving the profitability of our company.
Viet Nam

What do clients say about us?

"We are very happy to work with Hitek Software company, you have helped us make our management work easier."
MyongJi Hospital
MyongJi Hospital
"We have had the opportunity to work and accompany Hitek Software for a long time, but Hitek has never disappointed us."
Hyundai AutoEver
"Our projects have been completed with the most optimal cost by Hitek engineers, who have full expertise and ability to flexibly respond to strict product requirements."
Mr. Han Kyuhee
Strategy Director of Creatrip
"Thanks for your support. You guys have done it very well. You guys have been very flexible in handling us many times when we had API delays".
Mr. Nakatamari
Kokusai Express Company

Hitek Software

Our technologies

We always want to improve product quality, so the first thing we set as our company's motto is to always learn and continuously upgrade new technology.

Hitek Software


You can use Outsourcing in any field, in which the fields we receive the most include:

  • Ecommerce
  • Healthcare
  • Social network
  • Video call, livestream service
  • Booking
  • Outsourcing by project
  • Manufacturing outsourcing
  • Outsourcing process
  • Outsourcing with professional units
  • Maximum cost savings: cost is the first advantage that cannot be ignored when thinking about Outsourcing
  • No need to recruit: human resources is also a difficult problem for companies, but outsourcing will help you solve that problem completely.
  • Increase efficiency and focus on core aspects

The answer is NO! Because we were born to help you create your application software. We appreciate all your knowledge in the technology field, but we will gladly walk you through the process and explain everything. Keep your needs in mind, and we will deliver what you need.

We will give you a specific, almost exact period if you fully provide your particular needs and budget range. Once we have all the information, we will deliver a complete implementation timeline within one week.

In addition to reviewing results every few weeks and continuous testing (development testing and acceptance testing), I am reporting back to you on the original functionality sheet, so you know you’re getting what you pay for. Notably, we also control the software building process with daily reports from developers. We closely monitor our developers and track their time on each activity. The complete implementation timeline is within one week at the latest.

Many factors influence this, including project scope, time spent, and technological challenges. It sounds vague, but it’s true. Remember that every software project is unique, especially with your unique ideas. Instead of quoting high prices, we want to give you the highest quality service possible.

We use Node.js, Java, and Django for the back end, React.js, nextJS, Angular.js, VueJS, and Laravel for front-end development. We use ReactNative and Flutter for mobile.

Our long-term goal is not only to become the leading software company in Vietnam, but to:



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