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About Us

About Hitek

Hitek was established in 2018, a long way for us to assert our position in the current technology market. Future Goals Hitek is not only the best software development company in Vietnam, but also a leading software company in the World!
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Hitek was founded with just 5 software engineers, working as a freelancer, focusing on developing web and mobile apps for Vietnam market.

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Having received a software outsourcing contract for the first time for the Korean market, Hitek has changed its business strategy to expand to foreign markets.

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We continue to develop technology in Korea. Nearly 90% of projects come from this market.

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Hitek provides outsourcing services and provides software for customers from the US, Canada, Germany, Korea, Japan, Australia.

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We are very pleased to be a partner with our companions on the journey of innovation

Hitek has many years of experience in the field of software development not only in the Vietnamese market but also for the international market. Our services include Mobile Application Development, Website Development, Consulting and Testing.

Are you having an idea?

As a fast growing software company in Vietnam, we have more than 100 engineers specializing in website and mobile application development. Hitek provides both outsourcing and software production services to customers. goods from all over the world. Hitek's commitment is not from how profitable a project is, but the good quality of the software we bring. It all comes from the passion and work ethic of the Hitek team.

Our Technology


Hitek Software has been establishing a worldwide network of operations, so we always focus on quality work at every step, every stage. In addition, Hitek’s management is also very interested in the lives of employees, so we aim at the appropriate goals in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or well understood. is the Global Goal. Hitek Software believes that it will help improve the quality of life, and we will continue to strive to realize a new, smarter, happier modern society.

Ensure quality, open and equitable education and enhance lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Hitek Software regularly organizes training sessions for employees on both programming knowledge and necessary soft skills for everyone in the working process.

Good jobs and economic growth

To achieve a certain level of economic efficiency, Hitek always improves and innovates technology, including focusing on high value-added and labor-intensive areas. Promoting policies development-oriented policies to support productive, job-creating, entrepreneurial, creative and innovative activities.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure development

Creating new technologies, focusing on developing the most creative ideas of employees and always creating conditions for employees to work in an environment full of the best quality infrastructure.


Services Hitek provides:

  • Offshore Software Development
  • Custom Software Development
  • Software Outsourcing Services
  • Software Product Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Cloud migration services
  • Mobile app development
  • Offshore software testing services

CSR is an acronym for Corporate Social Responsibility – Corporate Social Responsibility, this is considered a popular trend in the world, becoming a “soft” requirement for businesses. To fulfill obligations that a business and related individuals must do to society in order to achieve maximum positive impacts and minimize negative impacts on society.Hitek Software has been doing the following things:


In terms of economy, including satisfying social needs, increasing social welfare, ensuring the existence and development of enterprises.


In terms of law, enterprises must fully comply with legal regulations for related parties, including shareholders, consumers, and families of employees.


In terms of ethics, are behaviors and activities that are expected by society in enterprises, but are not regulated in the legal system.


In terms of humanity, businesses need to perform behaviors that show their desire to contribute to the community and society.

Our long-term goal is not only to become the leading software company in Vietnam, but to:



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