As a leading custom software development company in Vietnam, we have successfully completed hundreds of projects for customers around the world. Established in 2017, Hitek always applies new methods skillfully.
Long-term software development is a complex process, because not everyone has the training and depth of knowledge to handle long-term software development projects on their own.
With nearly 10 years of experience in the profession, we always develop the web using the most outstanding technologies such as .NET, NodeJS, Java, PHP and other modern front-end technologies (Angular, ReactJS, Jquery, HTML5, CSS3… ).
Leverage cloud and infrastructure to drive business growth.
Always putting quality first, Hitek owns the most young, dynamic and creative team in Vietnam. With more than 100 highly technical programmers, we have successfully completed more than 300 projects within 5 years.
As one of the leading software development companies in Vietnam, Hitek excels at building web and mobile experiences for customers around the world.
There have been many opportunities to implement Outsourcing projects for developed countries in the world such as the US, Canada, Korea, etc. We are confident that Hitek has enough experience to handle complex projects. most complicated.
Having accumulated experience from offshore center construction projects with customers from all over the world, Hitek is confident that we are one of the few most suitable and modern offshore center construction service providers.
Nearshore software development refers to software production in countries close to the consuming markets and often have similar time zones, so the differences will always be minimal.
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