Cloud migration services

Cloud migration services

Cloud migration services

Leverage cloud and infrastructure to power business growth.
Easy expansion - Faster access - Cost savings is what we mean by Cloud Migration Service

In the current 4.0 era, if your business does not know about Cloud Migration, it will be considered a serious lag when almost every business in the world uses this service. Be more proactive in your business journey by updating and using the latest technologies that are convenient and bring the best benefits to you and your business.

Cloud Migration will transfer data, applications or other elements necessary for business operations to the “clouds”, also known as Cloud. This will solve a lot of problems for your business:

  • Expand easily and quickly to meet the storage needs of the entire company system
  • Easy access to the market
  • Almost maximum cost savings – this is something no business can ignore


A business with a lot of “things” needs Cloud Migration. For example, moving data and applications from a certain data center to a Cloud environment, this is the most common need from businesses today.

In addition, there is another “to the cloud” model that refers to moving data and applications between clouds or providers. This model is often referred to as “Moving between the clouds”.

Cloud environments are easily scalable, stable, and highly available. Cloud computing brings a new world and remarkable development to business operations and enterprise application infrastructure. The focus – cloud servers are becoming more and more important within each business.


After receiving comments and requests from customers and conducting appropriate cloud migration consulting,
Hitek will perform the following steps:


The first thing after receiving a request from the customer will be to analyze and plan in detail the business requirements from the customer. Hitek's Programmer team will conduct analysis to capture and understand the current state of enterprise architecture data. Analyze current architecture, understand business needs, and prioritize applications for transformation. After careful analysis, we will make a plan including cost assessment, and this cost will be based on the subjective and objective factors we have previously analyzed.

Determine costs

Determine the cost of moving and working “in the cloud” to more accurately balance your company's resources. Additionally, determine the total cost of ownership between your current environment and the new cloud environment.

Make your migration to the cloud

This process will easily disrupt all working activities of the company if the supplier does not have much experience. But at Hitek, we believe that this will be very unlikely due to negligence from operational disruption to maintaining code and infrastructure for both environments or anything else with our experienced team. We have many years of experience in the profession.

Maintain application hosting in the cloud

The security of maintaining applications in the cloud is something we have always been confident in, and of course it has been proven as we are one of the companies to complete ISO 27001 - the international standard that provides the requirements Demand for Information Security Management System (ISMS), at its best. And to ensure continuous operation, we will always update new versions of the service.

Our long-term goal is not only to become the leading software company in Vietnam, but to:



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