Flutter Engineer (Middle Level)


Who are we?

With more than 5 years of experience, we have built a position in the software technology industry. As a fast-growing Vietnamese software company that provides high-tech solutions, we have provided software products to large companies and startups in Vietnam—on many different scales. We reduce coding time and save huge costs using the latest technologies, frameworks, and tools.


Job description

  • Participate in developing mobile applications on the Flutter platform (CrossPlatform).
  • Build features according to project requirements and build libraries for interaction between Native Modules and Flutter Layer.
  • Integrate the system’s third-party technology services (Google Maps, Firebase, etc.).
  • Learn technology, build new ones, and develop current features of projects.
  • Participate in design and source code review.
  • Ensure progress and quality of work and report regularly to management.
  • Discuss details during the interview.


Job requirements

– MINIMUM: Ability to build application interfaces with Flutter components.

  • Building native apps such as native Android/iOS is an advantage.
  • Experience working with Flutter
  • Interact with the server via API with RESTful or GraphQL.
  • Integrate with third-party technology systems.
  • Sound logic and understanding of design patterns.
  • Understand user experience.
  • Use git (to manage source code)
  • Proficient in using popular Flutter-related libraries such as BLOC, GetX, Provider
  • Experienced in optimizing application performance (memory usage, memory leak, cache…)
  • Experience using Analytics libraries is an advantage
  • Having previously built Flutter libraries is an advantage
  • Excellent and professional analytical skills, logical thinking
  • Careful, detailed, highly responsible, willing to learn, share and improve

Salary and benefits

– Salary range:

  • Negotiate based on ability and experience (12M – 18M)

– Welfare

  • Insurance regime: Social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance fully according to state regulations
  • Competitive and fair environment, promoting multi-capacity.
  • Support for parking, laptop, personal computer…
  • Participate in activities: Events, conferences, seminars on Technology… and internal programs at the office
  • Company trip
  • 13th month salary/ Holiday and birthday bonus
  • OT ALWAYS has a salary
  • Work 7.5 hours/day (Monday – Friday)

Other information

  • Office: 39B Truong Son, Ward 4, Tan Binh, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Working hours: 9am → 6pm, 1.5h lunch break

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