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We have a strong passion for modern technology trends and smart methods. That makes it possible for us to recommend technology solutions to achieve affordable, high-quality software in the fastest time.

Drawing from the development of hundreds of websites and mobile applications for startups and growing businesses worldwide. Hitek has gained rich experience and solid technological expertise, to be able to start a project of any size (we truly love projects of large scale and high difficulty, as they bring feeling challenging for people working in the field of technology, science).

Our expertise includes React Native, ReactJS, Flutter, VueJS, NodeJS, Java, Kotlin, Swift, PHP, AWS, Google Cloud, etc.

We are also proud to have Hyundai AutoEver, CreateTrip, OCB Bank, VIB Bank, APOLO English, Ensure Gold… as our loyal customers.

Key Technologies

React Native
React JS

Our expertise

Web Applications

A Web Application is a piece of software that can be accessed by a browser. A browser is an application for accessing the Internet. The Web App uses a combination of server-side scripts and Client-side scripts to present information. It requires a server to manage user requests.

Mobile Apps

Mobile application is an electronic software built using programming languages ​​and operating on a mobile device platform. The way for you to own a mobile app is through applications that provide mobile apps such as the App Store, CH Play to download the app to your phone to use.

The application

Currently, the application is used by companies large and small for many different purposes. The application is used to streamline production and increase ease of work. The application has made life more enhanced, creating enjoyment and human performance is also improved in a maximum way.

Customize Software Solutions

The technology solution in the product now represents a leap from traditional automation to a fully connected and flexible system. Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 usher in a new era with a series of manufacturing technologies that combine electronic and digital elements. Technology solutions help units connect and manage their production and business activities from anywhere and anytime.


years in software development


professional web and mobile application development engineer


customers around
the world


excellent project completed

Our Clients

Our customers come from all over the world including USA, Canada, Korea, Germany, Vietnam, Japan, Australia. Hitek is always proud to devote all its efforts to focusing on improving the quality of products instead of just improving the profitability of our company.
Viet Nam

What do customers say about us?

"We are very happy to work with Hitek Software company, you have helped us make our management work easier."
MyongJi Hospital
MyongJi Hospital
"We have had the opportunity to work and accompany Hitek Software for a long time, but Hitek has never disappointed us."
Hyundai AutoEver
"Our projects have been completed with the most optimal cost by Hitek engineers, who have full expertise and ability to flexibly respond to strict product requirements."
Mr. Han Kyuhee
Strategy Director of Creatrip
"I thank Hitek for its support. You guys have done it very well. You guys have been very flexible in handling us many times when we had API delays".
Mr. Nakatamari
Kokusai Express Company

Why Us?

Above all, we understand you have a lot of choices, so why should you choose us over others?

Our long-term goal is not only to become the leading software company in Vietnam, but to:



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