Planner App (PDCARD)

Client: Korea
Planner App (PDCARD)
Mobile App Development

Planner App (PDCARD)

PDCARD helps users plan and record work easily with quick and intuitive Drag & Click operations. Besides, users can also create to-do lists and to-don’t lists to manage and statistic the implementation rate by day, week, and month. In addition, it also helps users form good habits through the Routine feature, with categories by groups of Routines and statistics on performance levels by day, week, month, and year. When needed, users can write down the content to be noted, specify the color of the note, and search for keywords to quickly find the note they want. The application can set a password for notes whose content the user wants to secure. The diary feature lets users record their feelings, choose emotions, and evaluate their feelings about today. With the message board (Feed) function, users can share their work during the day in the form of a clock chart for different users.



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