Blockchain application service for businesses

Blockchain application service for businesses

Blockchain Application
For Businesses in All Fields

We help you develop Blockchain technology for businesses in all fields; this technology can provide you with easy and secure transaction records.

Web Development Services3

End-to-end solutions to facilitate business participation in web3

Decentralized Application (dApp) Development

End-to-end dApp development services supported by a team of professional, experienced, and dedicated Blockchain experts

Blockchain Application Consulting

Web3 consulting services help businesses identify potential opportunities and risks when using blockchain to develop business solutions.

NFT Exchange Development

We provide NFT creation and marketplace services that help users launch feature-rich NFT marketplaces on various blockchain networks.

Smart Contract Development

Smart contract development service that allows businesses to build a decentralized application (dApp) that can interact with any blockchain

Token Provisioning

This includes token creation and integration and comprehensive support for developing an investment platform for your token.

Crypto Electronic Wallet Development

We specialize in developing web and mobile cryptocurrency wallets, including custodial and non-custodial ones. We also develop intelligent wallets and can provide wallet integration and cryptocurrency payments.

DeFi Product Development

Hitek's DeFi products enable permissionless financial operations in a peer-to-peer network by applying a decentralized platform.

Developing IDO, IEO

End-to-end solutions from white paper creation to token development to helping businesses launch their tokens on decentralized exchanges.

Advanced Blockchain Application Solution

Businesses that need advice on developing Blockchain application products specifically for their business field don't worry! Hitek has suitable structures available to develop for each industry!

Blockchain For E-Commerce

Hitek's in-depth consulting team provides the most helpful information so businesses can deploy appropriate system architecture for e-commerce.

Blockchain For Finance - Banking

We have a team of experts in every position, from consulting, initial stages, and continuous testing to product completion. We can meet your simple needs and your complex software development projects.

Blockchain For Healthcare

Blockchain application solution for personal health record management, helping people save time and costs and Helping hospitals reduce expenses.

Projects According to Business Needs

In addition to general development features, Hitek is ready to provide technology model development services according to each business's unique needs and characteristics, ensuring costs, human resources, and time.

Professional team

Hitek always has a specialized application development team for each project requirement. At the same time, businesses can choose a rotating contract to pay according to monthly usage, which suits their needs and business.

Fixed costs

This software development model ensures a fixed budget for your software development project, regardless of time and cost, allowing for accurate planning and budgeting.

T&M Model

If your custom software development project requires dedicated attention, you can request dedicated software application development teams. It is also a rolling monthly contract that pays as you go.

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