Software Product Development

Software Product Development

Software product development

Software Product Development is a complex process, because not everyone has the training and depth of knowledge to handle long-term software development projects on their own.

With a standard management process achieving ISO 9001:2015, our team of professional programmers will always be an indispensable part of your long-term software development projects. Our processes will always ensure quality from the project research and product idea stages to product development, launch and maintenance.

Long-term software development has long been no longer an unfamiliar service to many people or businesses. And this service is not too difficult if you find a unit with enough experience and enough time to learn thoroughly about the project they need to develop. Most of Hitek Software’s programmers are not only well-educated and trained, we also create opportunities for programmers to learn more deeply about technologies, creating situations where they can quickly Respond to situations that may occur during implementation.

We always believe that in order for a project to develop in the best way, the first condition is to clearly understand the project, the criteria and goals that the project is aiming for… Then there will be the technologies that the project uses. What needs to be applied? And even the newest technologies, we are confident that we can conquer them all!


In almost every service category, Hitek Software has established processes to ensure the quality and progress of each project. From there, minimize the waste of resources for both you and Hitek Software. The process for Long-Term Software Development Services includes the following stages:

Conceptualize, plan and analyze projects

Long-term software development services will often be for customers who have ideas from the beginning. The customer will then provide business reports, user behavior profiles, etc. so that both sides can analyze together and find the solution that best suits the customer’s needs. Following the idea consensus stage will be the product shaping stage; Outline the project scope and identify essential features and design requirements.

Complete software structure design

The structure of the software will include the product structure, key elements, storage network and development environment with data modules. Completing the product design in advance will ensure the software system meets current customer requirements, or factors that arise in the future, making intervention easier than ever.

Start building and developing software

At this stage, requirements will be classified and broken down in the most detailed way, in which personnel or implementation teams will be specifically identified and assigned. Therefore, both parties will understand the completion timeline and easily track work progress without having to confirm with each individual. This process plays an extremely important role in determining how to implement the right solution. Some key documents include design documents, specification documents, functional requirements and coding standards that will be followed during the final delivery.

Conduct testing and measure product quality

This stage is one of the equally important stages as the product development stage. The quality of a product is considered the key to the success of the entire product. Testing will include installation, system testing, error correction, testing performed by end users or customers to verify/accept the software system before releasing it to the market.

Training and technology transfer

This is the stage of training and handing over the product to customers. We will dedicatedly guide how to operate for individuals, teams or departments that customers have designated. At this stage, it is inevitable that some problems arise from customers. At that time, the development team’s task will be to record comments and make changes to suit new customer requirements as much as possible. Finally, the development team will hand over all projects to the customer including code, documents and software licenses.

Our long-term goal is not only to become the leading software company in Vietnam, but to:



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